Push-button switch& indicator light

  • LAY5 Selector Switch pushbutton
LAY5 Selector Switch pushbutton

LAY5 Selector Switch pushbutton

  • Selector Switch
  • pushbutton
  • selector switch 3 position
  • switch selector
  • Product description: LAY5 Selector Switch pushbutton

Selector Switch

Selector Switch LAY5-BD21

Selector Switch with Light

LAY5-BK2365 Selector Switch with Light

Selector Switch

LAY5-ED21 Mushroom button


1.  What is the difference between a button switch and a selector switch

Push Button switch:

it is a single pole single position switch. The connection mode of this switch is to turn on the power by pressing the switch。

Selector switch:

this switch has only one small "handle" that can be pulled in several directions. This small "handle" is disconnected in the most central position (that is, when the small handle is perpendicular to the switch). When pulled in different directions, different circuit power supplies are connected. It is often seen on industrial machines in factories.