Limit swithch & Pedal switch

  • XCK-M  limit switch
XCK-M  limit switch

XCK-M limit switch

  • Product description: Sel electric ltd provided best quality of XCK-M limit switch.the limit switch is widely used in the automatic control of machine tools and machinery, limiting movement, driving mechanism action or pr

XCK- M Limit switch introduction

Limit switch shell is made of special alloy metal,The limit switch is suitable for the control circuit of AC 50 ~ 60Hz: AC380V, dc220v, AC 10a, as the automatic control, movement restriction, driving mechanism action or program control of machine tool and machinery.

XCK-M  Limit switch can work in the ambient temperature of - 25 ~ + 40 ℃; the altitude is 2000m; the protection grade of the limit swich is IP65; it complies with IEC337-1 and gb14048.5-2001

XCK-M  limit switch Specification

XCK-M  limit switch Diamension

limit switch

limit switch

XCK-M  limit switch