Limit swithch & Pedal switch

  • Pedal Switch
Pedal Switch

Pedal Switch

  • Product description: China top quality factory of produce the Pedal Switch, SFMS-1,FMS-10,FMS-15 , SFM-1,SFMP-1 ,FS-3,FS-2,FS-101. We can provide OEM service.

Foot pedal switch Structural features

1. The foot pedal switch have strong structure and high mechanical strength

2. The foot pedal switch built in high quality switch, reliable quality

3.  Wiring of the foot pedal switch can be customized according to customer requirements

4.  The foot pedal switch  have high protection level

Foot pedal switch application area and size

This series foot pedel  switch is widely used in stamping machinery, automation machinery, medical equipment and other fields , electric foot switch complies with the standard of IEC337-1 and GB14048.5-2001.

SFMS-1 Aluminum shell Pedal Switch                                             FMS-10 Aluminum shell Pedal Switch

Pedel switch

FMS-15 Aluminum shell Pedal Switch                                         SFM-1 Aluminum shell Pedal Switch

FMS-15 Pedel switch

SFMP-1 Aluminum shell Pedal Switch FS-3 Aluminum shell (Medium-sized) Pedal Switch

SFMP-1 Pedel switch

FS-2 Aluminum shell Pedal Switch FS-101 Plastic shell (Large) Pedal Switch

FS-1 Pedel switch

YDTl-101 Aluminum shell (Inverted CIS) Pedal Switch D8107 Plastic shell Pedal Switch

Pedel switch

VFS-201 Plastic shell    industrial foot switch                               FS-1 Ironclad industrial foot switch
FS-1 Pedel switch

FS-01 Plastic shell   electric foot pedal                                         SFM-5 electric foot pedal
FS-01 Pedel switch

YDT1-18 foot pedal switch KH-8012 foot pedal switch

YDT1-18 Pedel switch